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Gérard Jones, MSc PGCE is the current Head of Coaching at Bristol Rovers FC, with over 10 years experience working around the world, having been a Director of Coaching in the U.S. with Eastside FC, and the U.K with Arsenal Soccer Schools, Jones has also worked as an Academy Coach at Rochdale AFC and as an U21s Assistant with Bradford City, through American soccer Academy RIASA.

Jones holds a Master's degree in Performance Coaching, a PGCE in Lifelong Learning, including two 'A' Licenses (UEFA A Licence & FA Advanced Youth), alongside being an FA Level 4 Football Psychologist. Jones introduces Game-calls as an innovative method for developing clear communication and game-understanding among players.

Let's Talk Soccer:  Using Game-calls to Develop Communication & Decision Making in Football

Soccer coaches across all levels of the game share a common and simple dilemma: how best to improve their players. One of the best ways to do this is through improved communication and how we individualise our message to our players.

"Mastery of innovative coaching methods that utilize communication styles is the mark of a gifted coach and will be an essential requirement for the game of the future"  FA Future Game Philosophy

"Enhance your communication with this book!" 

Developing Decision Makers through Communication

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